Our Services

Bespoke Policy Analysis:

Chartwell Policy Solutions offers custom research and policy analysis to meet a client’s specific needs. Whether it is analyzing a legislative proposal, information on particular threats or opportunities for an industry or individual company, Chartwell Policy Solutions provides its clients with the comprehensive yet digestible research they require. While priority is given to clients with whom Chartwell has retainer agreements, Chartwell does occasionally enter into one-time contracts.

Issue Briefings:

We provide issue briefings to various individuals, businesses, and groups. Briefings can range from the macro-outlook for Congress, to in-depth discussions of the budget process and its implications, to a review of how policymakers might approach a discrete issue.  At Chartwell Policy solutions we strive to provide our clients with honest, un-biased assessments in a format and structure that is suited to the audience whether they are long-time followers of Washington or first-time visitors.

Strategic Consulting:

For those trying to see an issue or policy advanced, Washington can be a frustrating place. Chartwell Policy Solutions helps our clients develop strategies designed to maximize the likelihood that they will achieve their goal. We also provide our clients with that all-too-rare assessment of the obstacles they will face and their chances for success. Armed with our analysis, clients can make informed decisions about their allocation of their resources.